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Hemam carefully designs individual treatments/educational plans comprised of behaviour reduction and skill acquisition programs using Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Small Group Instructions/Activities, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy (SALT). All these inclusions are done to maximise learning opportunities.

These therapies are conducted with an aim of making the child eventually capable of attending the mainstream schools and classes along with their age mates.

Being located inside a mainstream school, the kids here at HEMAM - Learning Support Center get the opportunity to witness how things are conducted inside a mainstream school and how kids of their regular age do. This will motivate the child to perform better in aims of attending the mainstream school.

Our professional and qualified staff ensures that your child is progressing at a reasonable pace through providing them with much needed care and attention.

Other than autism, there can exist various other behavioural disorders which can lead to the child having a challenging life. The therapies we provide at Hemam are majorly based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, which help us take kids dealing with behavioural disorders towards their overall personality development. This development of personality through scientifically proven therapies help the individual to lead a happy and independent life.

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder
The word spectrum widen ups the area of variations in autism spectrum disorder. Autism can be detected in early years of the child and if treated at a young age then, the child can show miraculous improvements in their behaviour. Therefore, our highly efficient therapists observe the behaviour of the child critically and cater them with the treatments and therapies accordingly. Not every child is similar, they have their own needs so, the course of treatment is designed as per their needs.
2. ADD
Attention Deficit Disorder is not caused due to any mental or physical abnormality. Therefore, I order to diagnose the disease, it require a close study of the child's behaviour. If ADDis not treated at early ages,it may show symptoms in adulthood which then becomes a problem for both individual and his surroundings, making the person again dependent on a guardian. Being it a behavioural disorder, the diagnosis of ADD demands time and keen observation. Only if the child shows the signs and symptoms of ADD by the age of 12, then only is it confirmed that he is suffering from attention deficit disorder. A team of professionally trained therapists make sure that they study each case individually and design the course of treatment accordingly for each and every individual.
Quite similar to ADD, ADHD is a behavioural disorder which includes hyperactivity majorly along with all the other symptoms of ADD.

An ADD patient at times tend to be calm and composed where as an ADHD patient, hyperactivity is the commonest and certainly present symptom. Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, ADHD is treated in a profound way by our team of proficiently trained therapists.

4. Pathological Demand Avoidance
PDA is one of the subtypes of autism spectrum disorder. It's key symptom involves the denial for everything by the individual for whatever he is asked to do. Such constant denial for every task leads to refusal for the normal basic tasks required to be performed by the individual for healthy living. At Hemam, if the individual is diagnosed with PDA, they are given complete attention and observation by our experts and put under supervision to make sure all his/her behavioural aspects are noted and treatment is prescribed as per the need.
5. Global Developmental Delay
GDD is not a disorder as such. It is just an inability of the child to respond as quick as his/her age mates can. Children with GDD usually have low intellectual level which is observed in their growing age. Though it's not a disease or disorder, still this inability of the child can be cured very well and Child's intellectual level can be increased by applied behaviour analysis therapies, if practised on the child carefully which we ensure to do at Hemam.
6. Dyslexia
Dyslexia is again not a mental disorder but is just an inability which creates such a condition that the individual is not able to read things and not able to learn and remember them, making it difficult for a child to study. The right therapy in the right hands is all what he/she needs to be in order to manage this disability. And at Hemam, we make sure to provide the right therapies so that your child progresses.
7. Dyspraxia
Though it sounds quite like dyslexia but unlike dyslexia, dyspraxia is a motor skill problem. Due to inadequate development of the brain during growing years, the child is not able to conduct activities like running, walking, eating etc. properly as he/she fails to make a balanced co-ordination between his muscles and brain. This is not a muscular or bone problem, instead it is the lack of neuromuscular coordination in the child. You don't need to consult any neurologist or orthopaedic. This inability needs a team of experts in this field in which we proudly offer to help your child in overcoming this problem of dyspraxia company.