HEMAM is dedicated to integrating children with Autism and other learning and development challenges into mainstream classrooms through specialised therapies and multi-disciplinary programmes.

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Early Intervention and Treatment

We are committed to promoting therapeutic solutions and life skills for individuals and their families who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other learning and development challenges.

If you notice that your child is showing signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other learning and development challenges, early intervention can greatly improve results in the short- and long-term, boost independence and self-confidence.

HEMAM Learning Support Centre is located within a mainstream school environment, which provides students the opportunity to witness and experience the students and surroundings of a typical educational environment. This helps to encourage, motivate and prepare the child for mainstream school.

In addition to ABA therapy, we also specialize in Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language therapy (SLT), which may be supplemented to your child’s treatment plan as required.

Our goal is to lay the foundation of a happy and prosperous life for children with autistim spectrum disorder (ASD) and other learning and development challenges, by preparing them to adapt to a mainstream school environment and in the greater community.