Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists use a holistic approach in planning programmes. They take into account the physical, social, emotional, sensory and cognitive abilities and needs of students.

Our Occupational Therapy Department

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Evidence-based treatment programs for children with autism and other learning and developmental difficulties.
Our main aim at Hemam is to integrate our students in a mainstream class in a mainstream school.


Consultation and Assessment
Once you have completed the enrollment form, we will contact you for a consultation with one of our (professional therapists) BCBAs. This consultation involves assessing your child’s strengths and abilities as well as identifying things that challenge them.
We will spend time interacting with your child to make observations about their behaviour, communication level and skills. We may also visit your home and your child’s school to observe your child’s behaviour during typical daily activities.
Effective treatments vary for every child, therefore, specific strategies will be designed to treat your child’s needs and may be integrated into your home life.
School Based Therapy
Your child’s therapist will use their observations from the initial consultation to create a formal plan for therapy. This plan should align with your child’s unique needs and include concrete treatment goals and may include the following assessments; a Functional Behaviour Assessment, VB-MAPP, Essentials for Living, ABLLS, AFLS
These goals generally relate to reducing problematic or harmful behaviours, such as tantrums or self-injury, and increasing or improving communication and other skills.
The plan will also include specific strategies for caregivers, teachers and the therapist to use to achieve treatment goals. This helps to keep everyone who works with your child on the same page.

Maximising Success at School, Home and Life with ABA Therapy:

School Based Therapy
School-based ABA therapy provides your child the advantage of attending school with other children which helps to foster social connections between students with similar interests and can greatly decrease the isolation often experienced by those afflicted with learning or developmental disorders.
School-based therapy can be a very effective approach for community immersion and helping to form relationships with others as well boosting confidence.
Our programmes offer low student-to-teacher ratio and are generally organised to maximise individual and small group instructional experiences for optimal results.
Home Therapy
ABA therapy can take place in your home with our professionally trained therapists. In fact, some children do best with in-home ABA because they feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. It can also make it easier for them to master certain life skills, such as getting dressed and using the bathroom.

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