about us


Welcome to Hemam! The name “Hemam” means “determination” in Arabic. The word “Hemam” was inspired by the direction of change, that was imposed by his HH Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum| Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, to change the word “Disabled” to “Determined”. Hemam is one of the most reputed therapy center designed specifically to meet the needs of children diagnosed with autism or learning difficulties.

Being a parent of an autistic child, we understand, what mental pressure you go through. Being concerned, if your autistic child will be able to live a happy and respectful life is quite obvious. We, at Hemam takes immense pleasure in letting you know, that your search for finding the best learning center for your autistic child ends here.

At Hemam, we strive to provide the autistic children and their parents, a chance to experience life-transforming results through treatments and therapies used in our Learning Support Center. With each day passing by, we put our maximum efforts to cater to the needs and expectations of autistic children and their parents. Hemam always tries to seek out programs beyond the special education resources. We accept the challenge of integrating autistic children in our society.

Raising an autistic child brings along a lot of responsibilities. We at Hemam believe in sharing these responsibilities with you. We live in a society which is ever evolving, where children have to face competition at every stage of life, which makes it mandatory for them to be educated for their survival.

Often, we look down at autistic kids considering that they are lesser capable than normal kids. But, if given proper time, care, treatment and trainings, these kids too can do wonders. And that's what we do at Hemam.

The most important thing in our learning support center is to give the child the opportunity to discover his full potential and be able to use it. When a child discovers his/her potential, a feeling of self-satisfaction is induced therefore. This feeling of self satisfaction helps the child to lead a happy and independent life. This helps the child to build self-confidence in himself/herself and makes him/her capable of taking the next educational steps further.

Our team consists of expert professionals, who make sure that each child is given proper attention that he/she demands or requires. Kids are taken care of by professionals with lots of love, making it easier for the children to explore their abilities and learn new things.

With the best therapies and treatments, the professionals at Hemam - Learning Support Center help the child in his/her over-all development. If taken care of at young age, the Early Treatment for Autism can help the autistic child to lead a happy and independent adult life. At Hemam, we emphasise on ABA Treatment. A team of professionals observes the child's behaviour deeply and treats the child on the basis of principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis, often referred to as ABA.

Other than ABA, there are various other therapies like occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, that are added in the programme on the personal needs of child. Our main aim is to lay down a foundation of a happy and prosperous life for autistic kids by putting in all the best efforts we can to integrate them in a mainstream school environment.