What is Autism?


Autism spectrum disorder is a neuro developmental condition which is generally diagnosed lately. The condition is identified by noticing the behaviour of the growing child towards his surroundings. The appearance of the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder is subtle, making it difficult for the parents to realise that their child is suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Autistic children either are least interested in social interactions and communications or find trouble in interacting and communicating. They show restricted and repetitive behaviour. If not noticed or taken care of at young age the autistic children develop their symptoms more and more which eventually worsens their condition. Autism spectrum disorder is a product of both genetic and environmental factors. But with advancements in technology, medical science has developed various treatments and therapies to treat autism. Though, being a genetic disorder it cannot be uprooted completely but with the help of behavioural therapies we can stop the symptoms from developing more and further worsening. These therapies help the child to live a normal and independent adulthood, if provided with at the right age.

Autism spectrum disorder is not a disease instead just a disorder which disbalances the neuro muscular co-ordination of the child refraining him from conducting his daily chores normally like the other children can do. Autistic children are also not able to study properly. They tend to have lack of interest in studies as well. If they are treated normally like other children and are asked to study like other normal children they can develop further various other behavioural disorders which again eventually worsens the condition of the child.