Treatments and Therapies

Result-oriented treatments by authentically proven therapies for autistic children with learning difficulties, that includes the following:

ABA treatment by a team of experts

We at Hemam have one of the top ABA treatment techniques for children dealing with autism or learning difficulties in Dubai. Our team of experts work hard and proficiently to bring each child to it’s full potential, so that the child can live a happy and independent life later on. According to studies, the earlier a child gets ABA treatments, the more efficient results can be achieved, helping the child to bloom completely. What makes us different from other learning centers for autism in Dubai is, that our team does not only take the child as a student at our learning center, but we take care of the child as part of our family. Everybody at Hemam is compassionate for kids, that makes the environment at Hemam more friendly and adaptable for them. This helps us in getting the required results more easily.

Our main aim at Hemam is to integrate our students in a mainstream class in a mainstream school.
Occupational Therapy

We also include other therapies like occupational therapy in our treatments. Every child receives the occupational therapy on it’s individual requirements. Each child has different requirements. Our professionals study the behaviour of the child critically and intervene into it accordingly; taking care of the child's personality traits. Therefore, the therapy given to each child differs on it’s individual need to obtain the wanted results.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy, often known as SALT, is an integral part of our treatment. As speech becomes a major way of expressing oneself, it becomes a necessity for the child to master expressing themselves through their speech. Speech and language are needed in our society to achieve individual aims in life. Keeping this in mind, we have made SALT an integral part of the entire treatment.

These therapies are especially required by autistic children. We provide the individual required therapies for each child.